J’adore my Family

Feb 16, 2014 by

$60 for a dozen roses, $30 for a box of chocolates, $150 for a dinner at a restaurant – Valentine’s Day celebrations can be very expensive!

For several years now, my husband and I have forgone these expensive Valentine’s traditions and instead have had a ‘fancy’ at-home family dinner! I make a four course meal, we get dressed up in our formal wear, have some champagne (sparkling apple juice for the kids of course), and set the table with my fine china!

I love to decorate and set a tablescape for our ‘fancy’ dinners. This year I went with a “J’adore” theme and incorporated my Eiffel tower decor into my table setting. I used an Eiffel tower figure as my centrepiece along with beautiful pink tulips, Eiffel tower place card holders, silver chargers, and paper pink hearts!

On this year’s menu, we had:

Prawns in cute martini serving glasses

Deconstructed Caesar Salad

Salmon stuffed with crab, served with Parmesan basil orzo, and roasted beets and potatoes

Dessert was a decadent chocolate mousse topped with strawberries and whipped cream served in a wine glass.

Hope you all had a fantastic Valentine’s Day too!

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate”
~ Oprah Winfrey ~


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